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contains capilia longa:

clinically proven to reduce hair loss by up to 89% over 150 days

Re-activate hair growth with capilia longa - a powerful and clinically proven plant-based ingredient that can increase hair growth and reduce hair loss.

- Faster activity than Minoxidil

- Increases hair density by up to 52%

- Average of 13.5k new hairs at 150 days

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Our products are unisex and can treat normal pattern hair loss as well as hair loss caused by menopause, pregnancy and traction hair loss (caused by tight hair styles).

Yes. Capilia Longa PPF is clinically proven in double-blind studies. It's proven to have faster activity than Minoxidil, reduce hair loss by up to 89% and increase hair density by up to 52%. In fact, the study showed that at 150 days, the average participant had grown an average of 13,500 new hairs.

We recommend using our products for at least 3 months. The active ingredients are proven to work over a period of 150 days. You may see results sooner than that depending on the current condition of your hair.

Our products are unisex. Whether you have thinning or slow growing hair, or you're experiencing hair loss right now, we can help.

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Our hair loss treatments

Specialist shampoos and conditioners

Vitamins, Biotin, Caffeine and Creatine plus Capilia Longa PPF make our daily wash products perfect for retaining healthy hair and promoting healthy growth.

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Hair re-activation treatments

Containing Capilia Longa PPF at active levels, which is clinically proven to re-activate hair follicles, increase hair density and reduce hair loss in 150 days.

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Daily hair growth supplements

Packed with vitamins, minerals and clinically proven ingredients - our daily hair growth supplements support and promote healthy hair growth.

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